Monday, May 30, 2011

Military Report - Gates Suggests Pay Cuts

To our Government:

I have an off our salary for a week and see if military cuts stay on the table. I am blessed, but we are far from rich!

Military Report - Gates Suggests Pay Cuts


Katydid said...

Great idea and good point..only wish Gates could see this.

A Chick's Captivation said...

I wish they all would see this....there are many who live paycheck to paycheck. Despite gas prices falling just a teensy bit, it is still not enough to justify rising energy costs for our homes and automobiles. My husband and I figured out we were spending close to $400 a month just on gas for our cars to drive back and forth to work. We combine shopping trips to save on gas, yet couple that with our electrical bill and we are still feeling the pinch.

I believe one of the smartest moves we are making is moving on post to save money and time commuting. Thanks for you comment Katydid!


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