Monday, May 30, 2011

MEMORIAL day means honor our is NOT Veteran's day.

When I hear somebody tell me "happy memorial day" my blood boils. I hope my friends Deborah or Jenni never have to hear it. Both lost their husbands in this war and Jenni also lost her best friend Ben to an IED attack a couple of years before that.
I am not trying to be cranky, but in reality when somebody carelessly tosses out that phrase, I often wonder if they have truly thought about the sacrifices made by these military families. I betcha if they did they would say "thank you" rather than "happy"...yes we celebrate their lives, but for crying out loud this is MEMORIAL day not VETERANS day.  When you think about it, please take a couple of minutes out and think about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Memorial day may kick off the summer, but some people need a good kick in the pants. 

Ok, I am off my soapbox.


Beth in NC said...

Wow, I am guilty of saying that very phrase. Forgive me. It certainly didn't come out as a celebration of someone's loss. I know after reading your post I'll never say that again. Wow.

My nephew is in the Marines and has served two tours. He suffers from PTSD and loss of memory.

My husband and I appreciate our military and their families. Thank you so much for YOUR sacrifice as well.

Bless you!

Laura said...

I understand how much meaning is put into valuing our veteran's. I just wish people would really consider their words and the power in them. You didn't hurt my feelings. Thank you for your humility in this situation means a lot to me and I am sure my widow friends.


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