Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stoking the Fire

The tangible absence of his smile, glance and embrace cracks wide my soul, exposing the true depth of my heart.

Never shun the gift of love or hide it under a bushel to be darkened by fear. For it is in the cocoon of our existence a metamophosis of beauty reflects the sights and sounds of Our Created intention.

O wise and brave Warrior, life's daily battles attempt to thwart the fires of our existence, but the glowing embers of our love beckons the other to rest and bask in the serenity of Divine purpose.

The marked absence of you tinges my being with a longing to be near you, but pain serves me a reminder that growth can only occur under the constraints of being stretched.

Til I am with him again Father, stoke the fires of my soul and each morning ignite our hearts with fresh passion and fire for the other.

I love You God. You have created me for such a life as this and never again will I forsake your words or quiet beckoning. Let my faith rise and cause Love to flow out of me igniting others with a passion for You.

Let the love my Beloved and I have for each other reflect the love and passion we have for You and may we never esteem the other above Your will for our lives.

Life is Romance...stoke the fires of our existence and kindle afresh a hunger and thirst that only You can fill.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Fuel Fast

At what point do you say enough is enough and make more of an effort to use your legs to transport you from point A to B?

Considering gas costs are rising rapidly due to Hurricane Ike and locally fuel is expected to hit $5 a gallon over the weekend, my speculation is that less demand on the consumption of fuel relieves two major issues Americans fight everyday...obesity and laziness.

May I suggest we make an effort to get off of our lazy butts, walk around more, be more disciplined in what we indulge in for luxury and quit fussing about the price of fuel?

How do I know it works? Well, does losing forty pounds in the past year motivate you to take a closer look at your lifestyle? How about the exchange of one luxury for another...Yes I pay for my lakefront apt, but the tradeoff has been no cable, fewer trips to dine out (thus eliminating the need to gorge) and more opportunities to build relationships with friends and family...

I would much rather activate social responsibility by sponsoring my two Rwandan World Vision children and making sure their quality of life improves dramatically over buying the latest Fall fashion. Don't get me wrong, I love to look smoking hot, but the impulse is carefully considered prior to making the purchase and I balance it all out needs vs wants.

Now if I can just break my Blackberry addiction...

How are you adjusting your life in this bulimic economy?
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Anticipation fuels me more than caffeine?

So my week of craziness is quickly drawing to a close and I am once again wide awake at 1 in the morning. Perhaps a baseball bat cracked across the back of my noggin would suffice, but on second thought I kind of like anticipating when I will hear from Favian next.

After 15 months deployed in the the sandbox my guy is on his way home and in 5 short days I leave to meet up with him in Germany. Even the marked absence of normal day to day communication with him isn't unnerving the situation for I have kept myself focused at my office and home.

Do you remember as a child lying awake at night waiting for Christmas morning to finally arrive? I have the same feverish excitement captivating my emotions and propelling me forward. The life defining moments leading us in our journey towards each other, has fired every nerve ending in my body and I am acutely aware of everything going on around me. Forget any need for caffeine as life's motivation...this time it is the realization God had something far greater than either one of us could even imagine.

So, once again I am blogging with Blackberry in hand, trying to lassoe a million thoughts stampeding my brain. Tuesday is just around the corner and I have no problem staying occupied with my day to day enjoying life's Great Romance.

You may not believe in fairytales, but I sure as heck am living a real live one. I cannot wait to trade a lifetime of sorrow for the embrace and kiss of my FAVorite prince and at 35, he has been well worth the wait!!!

Idealistic? Perhaps, but how do you anticipate those moments that define the adventure of life? I would much rather live with my head in the clouds, optimistically believing God loves and takes care of me, than undergoing a painful extraction of my head out of my backside, obstructing my view of God's fulfillment of purpose in my life.

So here I am anticipating the moment I embrace my FAV guy for we are making memories of us. Anticipation it IS more energizing than my usual quad shot of Starbucks espresso and that is alright with me!!!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Insomnia and a Packing List

It really stinks when you know you have to be at work in 5 hours and 53 minutes, yet the thought of falling asleep is an elusive and passing thought at the moment. So rather than attempt to assuage my body's natural inclination towards recapturing beauty, I instead have chosen to do something completely random to fill up my time. Needless to say, perusing the top artist charts on myspace at 2 in the morning to find that perfect song for my profile has left me less than satisfied yet again. Hmm...I really need to get on a more disciplined time schedule or maybe my body has subconsciously started to prepare itself for my trip to Ansbach next week.

Someone asked me tonight if I had started packing yet. Yeah right. We are talking about me, Laura, the person with a right brain tendency, who tends to let information rattle around in her brain until a system of acceptable organization clarifies her strategy and THEN applies a series of tactics to achieve her ultimate goal. Having just said this, more often than not, I do tend to wait til the last minute to pack for any trip. I guess it has always been part of my so called adventure in life. Of course, I would much rather have everything packed so I have enough time to kick back and mentally prepare myself for one heck of a trip.

I suppose I could spend all day Saturday packing, but that defeats the purpose of a relaxing weekend away from the stress of work. Hmm....considering I already made out several lists, I think I will do what I do best which is relax and enjoy the last few remnants of available beach time before Fall descends upon Savannah. The packing will just have to wait.


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