Thursday, September 11, 2008

Insomnia and a Packing List

It really stinks when you know you have to be at work in 5 hours and 53 minutes, yet the thought of falling asleep is an elusive and passing thought at the moment. So rather than attempt to assuage my body's natural inclination towards recapturing beauty, I instead have chosen to do something completely random to fill up my time. Needless to say, perusing the top artist charts on myspace at 2 in the morning to find that perfect song for my profile has left me less than satisfied yet again. Hmm...I really need to get on a more disciplined time schedule or maybe my body has subconsciously started to prepare itself for my trip to Ansbach next week.

Someone asked me tonight if I had started packing yet. Yeah right. We are talking about me, Laura, the person with a right brain tendency, who tends to let information rattle around in her brain until a system of acceptable organization clarifies her strategy and THEN applies a series of tactics to achieve her ultimate goal. Having just said this, more often than not, I do tend to wait til the last minute to pack for any trip. I guess it has always been part of my so called adventure in life. Of course, I would much rather have everything packed so I have enough time to kick back and mentally prepare myself for one heck of a trip.

I suppose I could spend all day Saturday packing, but that defeats the purpose of a relaxing weekend away from the stress of work. Hmm....considering I already made out several lists, I think I will do what I do best which is relax and enjoy the last few remnants of available beach time before Fall descends upon Savannah. The packing will just have to wait.

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