Friday, September 12, 2008

Anticipation fuels me more than caffeine?

So my week of craziness is quickly drawing to a close and I am once again wide awake at 1 in the morning. Perhaps a baseball bat cracked across the back of my noggin would suffice, but on second thought I kind of like anticipating when I will hear from Favian next.

After 15 months deployed in the the sandbox my guy is on his way home and in 5 short days I leave to meet up with him in Germany. Even the marked absence of normal day to day communication with him isn't unnerving the situation for I have kept myself focused at my office and home.

Do you remember as a child lying awake at night waiting for Christmas morning to finally arrive? I have the same feverish excitement captivating my emotions and propelling me forward. The life defining moments leading us in our journey towards each other, has fired every nerve ending in my body and I am acutely aware of everything going on around me. Forget any need for caffeine as life's motivation...this time it is the realization God had something far greater than either one of us could even imagine.

So, once again I am blogging with Blackberry in hand, trying to lassoe a million thoughts stampeding my brain. Tuesday is just around the corner and I have no problem staying occupied with my day to day enjoying life's Great Romance.

You may not believe in fairytales, but I sure as heck am living a real live one. I cannot wait to trade a lifetime of sorrow for the embrace and kiss of my FAVorite prince and at 35, he has been well worth the wait!!!

Idealistic? Perhaps, but how do you anticipate those moments that define the adventure of life? I would much rather live with my head in the clouds, optimistically believing God loves and takes care of me, than undergoing a painful extraction of my head out of my backside, obstructing my view of God's fulfillment of purpose in my life.

So here I am anticipating the moment I embrace my FAV guy for we are making memories of us. Anticipation it IS more energizing than my usual quad shot of Starbucks espresso and that is alright with me!!!
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