Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stoking the Fire

The tangible absence of his smile, glance and embrace cracks wide my soul, exposing the true depth of my heart.

Never shun the gift of love or hide it under a bushel to be darkened by fear. For it is in the cocoon of our existence a metamophosis of beauty reflects the sights and sounds of Our Created intention.

O wise and brave Warrior, life's daily battles attempt to thwart the fires of our existence, but the glowing embers of our love beckons the other to rest and bask in the serenity of Divine purpose.

The marked absence of you tinges my being with a longing to be near you, but pain serves me a reminder that growth can only occur under the constraints of being stretched.

Til I am with him again Father, stoke the fires of my soul and each morning ignite our hearts with fresh passion and fire for the other.

I love You God. You have created me for such a life as this and never again will I forsake your words or quiet beckoning. Let my faith rise and cause Love to flow out of me igniting others with a passion for You.

Let the love my Beloved and I have for each other reflect the love and passion we have for You and may we never esteem the other above Your will for our lives.

Life is Romance...stoke the fires of our existence and kindle afresh a hunger and thirst that only You can fill.

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