Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Housing Waitlists

I confess I am a little neurotic about waiting to get a house a post.  After crunching a few numbers, Ben and I decided that the most feasible option for us is to put in for housing on post and cut costs wherever we can.  Sure we get a decent BAH, but when you factor in the water, trash, electricity, fuel costs to drive back and forth, internet, ADT, pest control, and grocery bills, it just doesn't make sense to either one of us to continue in the same path we have been on for the past couple of years. 

The waitlist for housing used to drive me bananas.  Like any normal person would check their facebook account, I have been checking our position on it no less than ten times a day to see if it has budged at all.  When we initially put in our application, the lady at Balfour Beatty said it would be 2 to 3 months before a house would open up.  Sweet!  Well, it has been three weeks and for a while there I thought it was going to take 6 months based on how little the waitlist moved. 

Today I got a nice surprise.  I checked our position and we had moved 8 spots.  That may have been a small step for somebody trying to find housing immediately, but for us it was as if the moon moved closer to us and we didn't have to shoot so far.  So yay for moving and DEAR LORD I have so much packing ahead of me.  All whining aside, I am blessed that I can move on post, that I won't have but a five minute commute to work, and I will be much safer when Ben deploys again.

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