Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ruh Roh

my golden retriever talks to me.  she used to just bark, but now she backtalks when i tell her to go do something that she doesn't want to do.  it sounds just like scooby doo and it is quite comical.....whine, moan, groan, when this dog wants something she is as relentless as a two year old begging for candy.  i mean let's get real.  who needs an alarm clock anymore?  every morning at 08:15 she nudges me with her nose and in her scooby doo voice tells me, no demands that i let her outside.  punk!  maybe this is God's way of getting me ready for children.

here is her favorite way to sleep...with just her head stuffed under our bed!


katydid said...

Love this pic...our golden slides under the bed every night (we have hardwood floors with a throw rug next to bed). She gets stuck under the bed, so I have to gently flatten her rib cage and pull/ease her out. Yet she does this every night... Funny girl..

8:15 morning wake up call, huh--ours only lets me sleep until 6:15 am before my 'face nudge with cold nose' LOL

Thanks for the cute post!!

Betty Rocker said...

yeah, sara did the same thing right after my hubby and I got married. we both had to get out of the bed to pull her out....she trapped herself, panicked and woke us up by flailing her legs around. it was rather comical because it felt like an earthquake erupting underneath us.


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