Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pens and Post It's at Rite Aid

So....just got back from Rite Aid and combining coupons with store sales I stocked up on pens and post it notes for back to school.  Here is a breakdown of what I got:

Deal #1:
8 packets of Bic Cristal Pens Regular Price:  $1.99 per ten pack. They were B1G1 this week, plus I had 4 x $1 off coupons on any two Bic stationary products.
Full Price:  $15.92
Paid:  $3.96
Savings:  75%

Deal #2:
4 packets of 3M Post It Notes:  2 x $3.49 per pack and 2 x $2.99 per pack.  They were B1G1/2 this week, plus I had 1 $2 off a $10 or more 3M purchase and 4 x $1 3M Coupons
Full Price:  $12.94
Paid: $3.71

Plus I bought a 20 oz Diet Coke for $1.11

Paid:  $10.05 plus received $3 in UP Rite Aid Rewards for my next purchase.  So, in total I spent $7.05 for 4 packs of Post Its, 8 packs of pens and a Diet Coke.

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