Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Third Jihad

In order to understand fully the ideology behind why our soldiers and freedom are constantly being attacked by Radical Islamists, I have been watching an entire series of documentaries to try and foster some level of awareness.  My husband and I just finished a documentary called The Third Jihad and we are reeling from what we have discovered.

This is NOT the America I believe in......

Wake up America.  We are not in a war of weapons, but of ideologies.  The goal of Islam in the United States is to convert as many people as possible and to turn our nation into an Islamic State.  Don't believe me?  I challenge you to watch the movie.

My opinion still stands that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people, but it is the Radical Ones who scare me the most.  They are no different than extreme so called Christian groups (ie. Westboro Baptist), who vehemently defend their belief systems.

As calloused and relaxed as most Americans have gotten towards our service members fighting a war, as well as our personal freedoms, do you really want to live in a system where your rights are taken away from you?

So many people are experiencing new rights because of changes in what is acceptable for a value system.  I would caution you though, have we become so relaxed that we are numb to the silent changes which are about to have a tsunami affect on our culture?  I am not trying to make everybody panic or mock what I am really trying to say, but consider what is happening right underneath our noses.  Tolerance becomes tyranny when subtle behaviors shift the way things have always been in this country.  Wake up...we have been asleep far too long.

TTJ regular trailer from Clarion Fund on Vimeo.

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