Monday, April 4, 2011

The Commissary Prices

I get a kick out of going to the commissary sometimes.  It seems like every single time I go, I inevitably run into the same people week after week and without fail, it always seems to be the same crew of retired Veterans and their wives.  I love hearing their stories of the days when they served and especially love seeing their chests puff out in pride about how they served. 

I love their meat prices.  Seriously, I went in there a few days ago and chicken breasts were $1.39 a pound.  I can't even get that at Publix on a day when they are on sale.  The closet they get is $1.99 a pound and even then I refuse to buy them.  Today the hubby and I grilled up some steaks we picked up there for less than $3 a pound and they were delicious paired alongside a heaping pile of onions and mushrooms sauteed in my cast iron skillet. We are eating like kings and I haven't even used a coupon in there yet.  For those who know me on a daily basis, I am always looking for a deal and am not afraid to stock up on things if it is super inexpensive. 

So, in an effort to save a little time and money, I decided that from now on I am using Publix for their BOGO (Buy One Get One) Deals and the commissary (with my coupons) for everything else.  The only thing that stinks is that I wish they were open on Mondays like the rest of the freaking world, but once again, I digress.

What kinds of deals do you find at your Commissary?


Favian said...

Very amusing post Laura! I really enjoy the pictures too and actually caught one from Ansbach! VERY awesome! yeah, commissaries are convenient except on Monday when it seems only practical to go grab a few things. They were closed on Monday in Germany as well but not too sure about here in Hawaii yet.

Glad you guys are enjoying the good food and loving life! Aloha!!

A Chicks Captivation said...

We are doing great. Ten minutes from the beach (although it is not a Hawaiian beach, but I am not complaining) and life is good. :-)


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