Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poking the Bear

I have a temper. There I admitted it. Three years of Debate in High School years ago has provoked me to not let anybody get the last word in when arguing with me. Marriage is not easy, particularly when you are married to a Soldier who is just as stubborn. When we fight, we can get into some doozies and more often than not I want to bail because at the time it seems like the easiest thing in the world to do.

Soooo I have decided that in order to really talk about the process needed to truly love, that it is important to bear my soul. Not all of what we go through, but the pain of experience and the lessons I have learned because of the journey.

I am a romantic at heart and so is my husband. Put the two of our personalities together and we can become quite volatile. Boring we are not, but we are definitely honest and that is the beauty of deepening passion and compassion for each other. He is my anchor when I feel overwhelmed, my mirror of accountability, and let's just face the reality...having somebody expose the imperfect areas of your life sucks when you allow God to use your marriage as a means to detox the crap out of your life.

Despite my husband's occasional irritation with me, he still pursues me and that just blows me away. There have been a few fights where I have threatened to leave because of pride and fears about our future, and the devastation on his face was enough to convey to me just how deeply he loved and still loves me.

Marriage isn't a picnic, but I would not change a thing or the choices I have made. Yes, my husband gets angry with me, but he is also quick to forgive. Some of his buddies at work call him a Polar Bear. He may look cuddly and cute, but he is also quick to protect hearth, home and the ones he loves...

Don't provoke him. I am the only one allowed to poke this bear.....
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Change Relationship said...

Sometimes provoking our partner is not a good idea but we should give them space and find time to talk about the issues when both of you are calmer. Your post is very informative. Thanks for sharing.

ArtsyNina said...

Lovely post -marriage is tough! But worth the effort :)

-found you through blogfrog -LOVE you hairstyle!


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