Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The PT Alarm Clock

My husband is soooo funny.  He hates PT in the mornings and I can't say I am really all that surprised.  After all, what crazy person likes getting up before the sun rises to exercise with a bunch of stinky people?  Every morning around 0530 he has a coming to Jesus moment when his alarm shakes him out of a deep sleep and he has to slam his finger down on the snooze.  He is Mr Cranky Pants and it makes me giggle.  I say all of this in jest, because my favorite part of him getting up that early, is the moment right before he walks out the door and his freshly minted breath meets the dragon fire of mine for a kiss goodbye.    When he was deployed, I missed it so much and I am grateful that God has given us the opportunity to share in the humor of life's moments.  Cranky pants or not, I am proud of him and am grateful God has placed him into my life.

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