Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Couponing Strategy: My filing system.

I have posted in the past about this about my 6 inch coupon binder chocked full of coupons covering everything under the sun, but things have changed just a wee bit for me.  Now I keep my binder organized by the layout of my favorite grocery store (Publix) and am only putting internet, store and misc. coupons into it versus clipping out the coupons from that week's insert.  My insert's are organized and filed by week, type of insert (ie Smartsource) and month.  That way when I go to a blog that has figured out where all the savings are located for a particular store, all I have to do is pull the coupon for that week, layer the four or five like inserts I have and cut out the one I need.  Right now with this system it is taking me about 30 minutes a week versus 3 hours, and I am saving buckoo bucks.  It is a work in progress, but stay tuned...more helpful tips are on the way.

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Teri said...

so I am on CVS's email list...the more it seems I scan my card there, the more extra % coupon's they save me on total purchase...drawback-cannot combine with current sale prices...boo! On another note, BJ's club, where I buy the most food takes manafacturers coupons..OH THANK YOU BJ'S EXEC'S!!!! :)


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