Monday, January 17, 2011

Deflaming My Body

Those who know me, know that I have been dealing with chronic back pain for the past couple of years. My pain did not stop there. I was also dealing with chronic pain in both feet as well as both ankles. The pain became so unbearable that I finally decided to eliminate both flour and sugar out of my diet just to see what it would do for the pain and inflammation.

Bingo! After just three days of "deflaming" my husband commented that he could tell I was in less pain and moving much faster around the house. You see, it used to take me almost two minutes to climb the stairs. Now I can a little more freely on them.

Saying no to the sugar, sweets and chocolate has been hard, but I have been able to resist its pull for the past week or so. Can't say I won't entirely give them up, but there is such freedom in not walking around with throbbing joints and crippling pain. Let's see how I feel in another week or so and I will really give you some feedback on the benefits of deflaming.
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katthedley said...

That's s good news! what did you do actually?did you resist sugar and flour that's it? did you take some medicine?

Laura said...

Katthedley: I pretty much eliminated all sugar and flour out of my diet and when I crave either one, I find something to do to eliminate the urge and then I am fine. My mother is 62 years old, has the body of a high school cheerleader and maintains her figure by going gluten free and sugar free. After watching her zip all over the place, it finally dawned on me that there might be some truth to her diet as a lifestyle and so I decided to "test" it. I feel great! I do have to make sure I am getting enough plant fiber into my diet and I also supplement with daily vitamins, ginger and garlic. Apparently the latter naturally reduce inflammation in the body. Hope this helps!


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