Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My coupon book

This lady made a face at my coupon book tonight, that is until i handed her a $1 off coupon for the item she had just pulled off of the shelf.  Her glare quickly turned into a grin and a "thank you". 

Some of the deals I scored tonight included:

5 sticks of Right Guard Total Defense for $1.98 total ($.39 a stick)....savings of $13.97 Got a refund, they charged me full price and I caught it on my receipt when I went back through everything.
2 Tombstone Pizza's for $1.98 total or $.99 a piece. Savings of $8.00
2 Cole's Frozen Mini Breads for  FREE. Savings of $4.58
6 boxes of Hamburger Helper for $2.15 total a savings of $7.15 off the original price of $9.30

I bought more, but I don't feel like going through all of the deals.

People may mock me for carrying such a large coupon book around, but I mock them for not being prepared AND for paying full price. 

Hubby and I are trying to save up to go to the Bahamas when he gets back.  Hmm..wonder if I could score a cheap vacation somehow.

1 comment:

nicole said...

i know what you mean! sometimes i will stand in the aisle for 5 minutes looking for a coupon i know i have and feel like people are staring at me like i'm crazy! but when i get up to the register and save $25 it's all good!


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