Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life as a Fembot

There is hot and then there is Savannah hot. Opening the front door sometimes feels as though a wet blanket just smacked you across the face. Doesn't matter how much you have powdered your face or styled your hair, by the time you have gotten to your final destination it has gone from smooth and sassy to looking like a helmet. No wonder they say Southern women have big hair!

These past couple of weeks have been unbearable. The outside temperature reads 100 degrees, but the actual heat index points towards an average temperature somewhere around 116. HOLY SMOKES!

Here is where it gets funny. I wear my hair in a 1950's flip style. Several years ago, a Ranger I dated out of Fort Benning nicknamed me Fembot. He said my style reminded him of the fembots from Austin Powers. I wasn't quite sure how to take it, but he said it was because I was hot. Makes me wonder....If a fembot has helmet like hair, than the fact my hair gets huge in the humidity only makes sense in this Savannah heat.

Wonder what they will say when I am old and my hair is cut really short!

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