Friday, June 25, 2010

Picture Messaging from Afghanistan

I love getting picture messages.  Today my husband sent me a picture from work.  Seeing him makes my insides melt.  I miss him so much.  Stupid deployment keeping me away from him.  I love the fact he is a Soldier.  I just hate the separation.


jane said...

hi! i just stumbled on your blog and i really really like the template. did you make this yourself?

Elizabeth and Patrick said...

Hello .. I'm your newest stalker aka follower .. I'm a milspouse as well .. and found your blog from Household Diva 6! Happy Blogging!


Laura said...

Hey Jane and Elizabeth. Thanks for checking my blog out. Jane, I grabbed the layout from and there is also another website called that has REALLY cute layouts.

Elizabeth: I think you guys are stationed near me! :-)

Chris said...


I really like your blog. I am a casting director for a docu-reality series sponsored by the USO about military families with loved ones stationed overseas? I'd love if you would submit to be on the show or want some more info please go to WWW.ROADTOREUNION.COM

Chris D'Elia


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