Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy is NOT Memorial Day

When I hear somebody tell me "happy memorial day" my blood boils.  I hope my friend Debra never has to hear it. Her marine husband's tank missed tracking on a bridge by one inch back in 2003, flipped upside down into the murky waters of the Euphrates, and all of his fellow marines on board drowned.  It is pretty hard to overturn 35,000 lbs of metal or open a hatch (which used to be on top of the tank).  Please don't say it to my friend Jenny who lost her best friend in 2006 to an IED in Baghdad and her husband last December to an IED in Afghanistan.  She sure as heck isn't happy today.

I am not trying to be cranky, but in reality when somebody carelessly tosses out that phrase, I often wonder if they have truly thought about the sacrifices made by these military families.  I betcha if they did they would say "thank you" rather than "happy"...because death is permanent and today needs to be about remembering those who died.   Rest in Peace...Don, Dennis and Benny....

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