Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kansas boy wants the world to remember dad

Please take a moment and read the following news link....Kansas boy wants the world to remember dad. It is the story of one little ten year old boy's desire to have his father honored for dying in Afghanistan.  He was the pilot of the Chinook that was shot down this weekend.  It is heartbreaking, and a constant reminder that HEROES take on multiple roles within our armed services.


Left Coast Guy said...

Sigh. I saw too much of this while in the military. Too many fathers, too many mothers, too many wars. It always makes me think of the Peter Paul and Mary song “How many cannon balls must fly before they are forever banned…” Thanks for putting up that post. Painful as it is, it needs to be said.


Laura said...

No need to thank me. This story is heartbreaking and a constant reminder to all that we need to remember not only those who served, but those who stand faithfully behind them...the silent ranks.


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