Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My guy bucket list

I have to brag on my husband a little bit.  Of all the guys in the world I have dated, this one takes the cake.  You see, I am a hopeless romantic who drafted a bucket list back in 2006 of what I wanted in the man I married.  You are probably thinking I am a bit unrealistic for having done so and there is no denying the fact I went through my fair share of heartache in order to find him, but nonetheless he managed to surpass all of my expectations.  Here is a snapshot of what I asked God for…


6-1, blue eyes, outdoorsy, love his family, loves me, loves God, romantic, creative, etc…..the list goes on and on and on.  He surpassed my expectations.  Ben is 6-1 with piercing blue eyes, a shock of platinum white hair, loves to be out and about out in nature, loves his family, loves me to the depths of his core and loved God with all of his being.  He has a passion for photography and loves taking pictures of everything.  I love how unafraid he is to express his feelings, yet he is all guy. He gets along with everybody and I love experiencing his zeal for life.


I can let my hair down around him and he never stops telling me how beautiful I am to him.  Without fail he tells me that even though neither one of us are perfect, we are perfect for each other and in his mind that makes our marriage perfect.  He fits me like a glove and I thank God every single day for Ben.


Even in the midst of this deployment, I am grateful for his love and affection and am even more amazed at his growth and commitment to God.  He epitomizes the grace and love of God and for me there is no better guy I could have ended up marrying. My bucket has overflowed, my expectations exceeded and i am humbled because of God’s provision in my life.

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