Thursday, October 7, 2010

FREEEEEEE Halloween Candy at Rite Aid heard it correctly.  I scored 16 bags of candy for FREE at Rite Aid tonight.  The best part....I didn't use one single coupon.  Not sure if the deal is good all this week or not, but here goes.  First, if you haven't signed up for Rite Aid Rewards, you need to because that is how you score the deal.

Rite Aid had the following candy on sale this week:  buy any 2 for $5.

buy the exact ones listed in any combination of two.
Caramel Cremes 12 oz
Cow Tail Minis 10 oz
Charms Blow Pops 10.4 oz or 11.4 ozDum Dum Pops 11.4 oz
Jolly Ranchers 14oz
Jolly Rancher Pops 10 oz
Lifesaver Mints Wint o Green 13 oz
Skittles 14 oz
Sour Patch Kids 14 oz

Starburst 14oz
Swedish Fish 14 oz

You initially will pay $5 for the two less any coupons.  Receive a $1 +Up Reward for each pair.
Here is the also get two $2 Mystery +Up Rewards for every two bags you buy.
Final cost: FREE!

So initially I bought 8 bags of candy for $20 and when my receipt printed out I scored $20 in Up Rewards which roll over into the next purchase.  So armed with the rewards I received, I went back and scored 8 more bags and got another $20 in rewards.  Not too shabby...and halloween is taken care of this year!

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NRIGirl said...

That's so cool. Guess what, I have the very same template.

Care to stop by for some Coffee with Jesus?!

~ NRIGirl


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