Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning.......

Springtime hit me like a ton of bricks and I realized my goal of being in pre-Ben/wedding shape would not be realized if I didn't make some sort of concerted effort to watch what I eat, take care of my body and more importantly protect my health. My back has been in alot of pain off and on over the past few months and I was forced to go to Physical Therapy in order to address the spasms. I also have been fighting Plantar Fascitis, joint issues and decided that not only did I need to fight through the pain, but I needed to make sure that I was eating as healthy as possible.

When I bring food to the homeless at Forsyth Park every week, my labor of love is in cooking them food that will nourish and sustain them for a period of time. Every week without fail I see people who either through choice or no fault of their own suffer the consequences of their actions and it saddens me to realize how much trauma their body is experiencing because of their situation. Women who are in their early 30's look much older and those who abuse drugs and alcohol look like train wrecks.

Do I want to treat this temple of mine in the same way? I cannot effectively minister to those around me, if I am not taking care of myself first. So, being the extreme person that I am, I started logging every piece of physical activity I do during a day and carry the mantra with me that "if i bite it, i write it." No more excuses. Just like somebody who carefully notes and audits every financial transaction in their banking, I too must note every deposit or withdrawal I make when it comes to feeding the body and making it strong.

I found a website to track everything and being the numbers cruncher that I am, it has nifty little charts that track my progress. Better yet, the entire thing is free. It's kind of like salvation. It's free, but you have to make an effort to interact with God in order to experience growth and change. Here is the website: Try it might just like it!

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