Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coffee and Silence

For those who figured it out, since I am not really allowed to go into detail about my job situation, but let's just say that I am on a six month sabbatical from a J-O-B and relishing the silence. I was stressed for the longest time and really started looking for other things I could apply my time and talents with that didn't involve logistically trying to project manage up to 50 clients and advertising prospects.

Now that the stress has lifted, within three days I came down with the nastiest chest cold which I believe is my body detoxifying all that stress. Who would have imagined one's body could handle so much when in a state of unrest. So, I have resorted to relaxing and working on a couple of major projects designed to help and my community and world. Kind of puts things into perspective for me.

Even with a ravaged economy and corporate restructuring, I am not the least bit worried about my future. If anything I am constantly reminded of how much my life is not my own and it is my responsibility to take my God given talents and use it for His glory.

So, if you see me hanging out and sipping on a cup of hot tea or a mug of coffee, sit down, have a cup with me and let's catch up!
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The Flower of Scotland said...

It has been said by one of our philosophers that our lives can be characterized as "captivation-in-an-acceptedness." Yet, who but God can captivate the Child of God; and who but God can bring release? It is truly said: "'I' and the Father are One" because the Infinite, Mighty, All-powerful, Active Presence, God, the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, Creator of all that is is able to deliver thee. We are joint heirs with Christ precisely because "'I' and the Father are One."


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